Powerful Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Ultra-Light Weight VC-C1220

Short Description:

  • Dust Cup: ≥0.3L
  • Suction Power: High - 12Kpa, Low - 8Kpa
  • Run Time: High speed: ˃14min Low speed: ˃24min
  • Noise:
  • Dimension: Main body( without sling ): 6 x 6x 44cm (with floor brush: 22 x 10x 120cm)
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Mighty suction power for high-efficiency cleaning
    Convertible for versatile uses:
    Handheld, Stick, Extend, wand


    Home Design, Multifunctional, Flexible Brush, Ergonomico, Wireless, Handheld, Various Brushes, Double Filtration


    One-touch cup empty

    Release the button, Easy emptying with release button (0.3L Visible dustbin)


    Built-in Wheels and Rotatable Wand for Effortless Grab-and-go  Cleaning

    product description04

    Brushless Motor for Efficient Suction

    · Quiet but mighty suction up to 24 minutes
    · No more annoying screechy noise

    product description05

    Dual Filtration System

    Stage 1 - Mesh Filter
    Blocks hair and common dust
    Stage 2 - HEPA Filter
    Filters micron dust

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    How to clean the dust bucket?

    1. The Dust Container should be unscrewed and removed for cleaning.
    2. The HEPA Filter can be washed with water.

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    ·Get the vacuum charged directly with Type C
    ·Space-saving Storage Hang it up over a corner when not in use

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    Powerful Two-speed Suction

    Low speed for everyday cleaning
    High speed for stubborn dirt

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    LED Indicators let you know the status clearly

    Mode Indicator: Mode 1: White; Mode 2: Pink
    Flashing Red: Low Battery
    Blocked Filter: Auto power off after 6~10s

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    Configurable setups for all-purpose cleaning

    Carpet Brush; Crivice tool & Wide Mouth Brush, 2 in 1; Floor Brush; Extend Wand; Main body - Handheld

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    Versatile Uses for Whole House Cleaning

    One-touch transition for hard floor, carpet, sofa and any corners hard to reach

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    ·Floor brush can ratate flexibly ,and can reach easily to every corner of room
    ·Easily converts to a light-weight handheld vacuum with capacious dust cup

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    Upholstery Tool

    Can be attached to the vacuum in its handheld mode for dusting delicate objects like bedclothes, curtains.

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    Health Travel

    Convert to Handvac to Clean tight spaces, upholstery of car and Easy Ingathering.

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    Parts &Accessories

    1. Main body/Handheld
    2. Crivice tool & Wide Mouth Brush in one
    3. Carpet Brush
    4. Vaccum Tube
    5. Floor Brush

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    Technical Specification

    Product name

    Powerful Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Ultra-Light Weight VC-C1220




    Main body( without sling ): 6 x 6x 44cm(with floor brush: 22 x 10x 120cm)


    560g - handheld mode; Main body+Floor brush: 820g

    (Floor brush+Extend wand+Crevice tool+Upholstery tool: 340g )

    Suction power

    High - 12Kpa, Low - 8Kpa


    10.8V, 2500mAh*3

    Dust cup


    Run time

    High speed: ˃14min

    Low speed: ˃24min


    3.5-4 Hrs, Type C

    Power Rating


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