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1.What is ¡°Relative Humidity¡±?

Relative humidity is the percentage of the actual water vapor contains to the saturated water vapor contains under the same definite temperature and space. We normally mark it with ¡°%RH¡±, like 45%RH. Atmospheric air always contains water vapor. The percentage of which depends on the meteorological conditions. The higher the temperature is the more water vapor the air can keep. Therefore, we use the concept of ¡°relative humidity¡±.

When the cold air is heated up to a comfort room temperature by heating systems in winter, the relative percentage of the water vapor contains in the air falls down, which means the relative humidity drops. Now you feel the air is ¡°dry¡±. In order to keep a comfortable and healthy environment at home, we need some artificial help to add water, or, water vapor, to the room air- that¡¯s air humidification.

2. Ideal relative humidity level under different situation.

The most comfortable RH for human body: 45-65%RH
Ideal RH for prophylactic and curative purpose: 40-55%RH
Computer and telecom apparatuses: 45-60%RH
Furniture and musical instrument: 40-60%RH
Libraries (books), art galleries and museums: 40-60%RH

3. Why indoor air quality is important to our health?

Air is one of the basic factors for all living creatures in the world. Statistically, an adult breaths over 20¡¯000 time during one day which is 13 to 15 kilogram of air. This is 10 times the weight of food, or three times of water an adult need during one day. The quality of the breathing air has a close and direct relation with people¡¯s living standard and health.

In modern life, over 90% of your time is spent indoors (such as at home, in offices or public buildings etc.), and the quality of indoor air is 5 to 10 times over polluted than the outdoor air. Bacteria, germs, dusts, acarid, nicotine, poison and harmful gases released slowly from construction and decoration materials such as formaldehyde, ammonia. All these floating components in the air harms the health of human being. Symptoms like premature senility, insomnia, and amnesia are frequently found; the worse cases will even lead to asthma, heart and lung prostration, or other vital disease.


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