2-IN-1 DC Evaporative Humidifier with Fan for Large Room Humidification

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  • Feature: 2-IN-1 Evaporative humidifier with fan function, powerful performance designed for large room humidification,, applied with BLDC motor technology, operating in lower noise.
  • Water Capacity: 4L
  • Moisture Output: Turbo: 650ml/h; H: 450ml/h; M: 300ml/h, L: 150ml/h
  • Noise: Turbo: ≤44dB; H: ≤40dB; M: ≤33dB; L: ≤24dB
  • Dimension: 242*242*388mm
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    Evaporator system

    The device is designed with large-area air inlet, applied with an folding and anti-bacteria water absorption evaporation net(mat)which is placed in the basin and saturated with water. A fan draws the dry room air through the damp mat, the water molecule escapes from its large surface, move faster to the room air and covers every corner as fast as the speed of molecular diffusion motion.

    The diameter of a water molecule is around 0.275nm(nanometer), it cannot carry the bigger particle size as like bacteria, virus and dust, meanwhile the calcium and magnesium compound is left behind to avoid “white dust(white mineral powder), so besides the natural evaporation humidification process, the air is simultaneously washed, i.e. cleaned of dust and dirt particles. As the air holds more or less humidity depending on the temperature, evaporators automatically provide the correct level of air moisture in accordance with the evaporation principle.

    Thus in, the device efficiently provides the most healthy and humidified air to help create a more healthy indoor climate for better living.

    Breaking through the traditional integrated structure, this split evaporative humidifier integrates the functions of a humidifier, a fan and a night light, so as to effectively expand its functions.


    This is a split vaporizer humidifier equipped with the functions of a humidifier, a fan, and a night light.

    Convenient water inlet/Wide nozzle



    Take the upper body                     Unscrew                 Turn the air inlet cover

    The fan can be disassembled for easy cleaning


    Take off the cover               Rotary the fixed cover                 Clean the fan

    The main body is equipped with a direct current(DC)motor and reasonable air duct design, when removed from the basin, it can be treated as a fan to offer silent, comfortable cool breeze in a quiet way.


    The folded antibacterial water-absorbing evaporating net, large air inlet, and fan driver contributes to more efficient humidification.

    Water Window                Air inlet


    Body/Spare Parts                       DC power                   Adapter

    Intelligent screen display can monitor and display the ambient humidity and other information in real-time.


    Night light        Timer        Fan Speed      Sleep mode        Power         Humidity

    7 Color light

    Loaded soft night light makes it convenient to be used at night.

    product-description9 product-description10

    Washable     High water absorption and evaporation rate


    Anti-bacteria      Environmentally friendly non-woven fabric

    The water absorption and evaporation net is made of environmental friendly washable non-woven anti-bacterial material with high water absorption and high evaporation rate.

    The silver ion antibacterial components in the filter contributes to the effective bacterial inhibition for clean and moist indoor air.

    Inlet Air                                                                             Air Out


    Wet antibacterial water absorbing evaporation net
    High rate of water absorption / evaporation with large area of surface to release water molecules fast.

    Gentle and power air flow from the air outlet
    Fastest evaporation at the speed of molecule motion to cover every tiny corner evenly


    DC fan Air duct design

    Moist & Healthy air


    1. Well designed air duct 2. Five blades DC fan 3. Large are air inlet design
    4. Dust precipitation 5. H2O 6. Pure H2O
    7. Dry air / bacteria / dust
    8. Anti bacterial filter


    H2O             Tiny water droplet        Escherichia Coli       Staphylococcus Aureus          Dust


    Ultrasonic  Humidifier                        CF-6148 Evaporative Humidifier


    CF-6148 Evaporative Humidifier

    Healthy aseptic humidification

    CF-6148 applies the physical vaporization principle to deliver water molecules into indoor climate via an absorption evaporation medium. The circulating air flow generated by the DC fan drives the surface water of the evaporation net to evaporate rapidly, that is, it accelerates the escape of water molecules into the indoor air. The diffusion movement of water molecules effectively covers the whole room, and 360 ° uniform humidification without dead angle. The diameter of water molecule(H2O) is about 0.275nm, and it cannot carry particles such as bacteria and dust larger than it, thus providing an optimal
    health humidification solution.


    Ultrasonic Humidifier

    Water droplets can carry bacteria/virus/dust

    The traditional ultrasonic humidifier is vibrated by the high-frequency transducer to break the water into tiny water droplets with a particle size of 3-5μm. The common bacteria in daily water are mainly Escherichia coli(with a particle size of 50nm), Staphylococcus aureus(with a particle size of 80nm), and 5μm For example, it can contain 100 Escherichia coli or 62 Staphylococcus aureus. Impurities in the water such as particles and calcium and magnesium compounds will be carried and released into the indoor air along with the water mist, which is not conducive to human breath.

    Humidify quickly

     Diffusion of H2O        4 Fan Speed        Entire Room Humidityproduct-description8


    Noisy bars   Supermarket  Streets     Talking   Flying of Mosquito  Whispering



    1. Air outlet 2. Fan blade(detachable) 3. Main body Air inlet 4. Filter fixed frame 5. Tank air inlet 6. Water Level Window
    7. Touch key 8. Body 9. Fan Screw(Detachable) 10. Main body inlet(Detachable) 11. Filter 12. Side open/Silica gel handle 13. Tank

    Parameter & Packing Details

    Product name Evaporative Humidifier
    Model CF-6148
    Dimension 242*242*388mm
    Water capacity 4L
    Mist output(Testing condition:21℃, 30%RH)

    Turbo: 650ml/h;H: 450ml/h;M: 300ml/h,L: 150ml/h


    Turbo: ≤11.5W;H: ≤7.5W;M: ≤4.5W;L: ≤3.5W

    Adapter wire length


    Operation noise

    Turbo: ≤44dB;H: ≤40dB;M: ≤33dB;L: ≤24dB

    Safety protection

    Under normal / sleep mode, water shortage digital display prompts & water tank separation digital display prompts the fan to stop working

    Optional Function

    UVC function, Remote control, Wi-Fi

    Operation noise

    20FCL: 800pcs;40’FCL: 1640pcs;40’HQ: 1968pcs


    A humidifier maintains a level of moisture in the room area. Moisture is needed more in dry climates and when the heat is turned on in the fall and wintertime. People tend to have more issues when it is dry and that can cause concerns with skin dryness, and bacterial and viral problems triggered because of ambient air dryness.

    Many people use a humidifier for treating the symptoms of colds, flu, and sinus congestion.

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